Caramelo is the founder of Sumpfjungs. Emerging from the swamp of the Eastwestfalian town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück, he found his footing in a scene still dominated by metropolitan centres, firmly establishing the 78 on the maps of Germany’s musical underground. His style is near impossible to categorize. Instead of sticking to a formula proven successful, Caramelo remains multifaceted, versatile, and, foremost, human. 


Jurek3000 first developed his craft playing at parties in front of friends in his native Rheda-Wiedenbrück. What started out on a small scale has developed into a distinguished DJ career with a residency at Essen’s club Hotel Shanghai and numerous engagements as a tour DJ. What sets Jurek3000 apart from most other Djs is the fact, that he is a true all-rounder. He is able both to effortlessly weave together house, techno and trap across a night, or to deliver banging sets exclusively in one style as well. Especially when it comes to trap, Jurek3000 is one Germany’s most capable selectors. Whatever the circumstances, an evening with Jurek3000 will not be boring.


Leaf is a producer hailing from Mülheim, NRW. He started producing some 10 years ago, developing his skills across a variety of different genres from trap over house up to jungle. Leaf employs the same versatile approach in his DJ sets, which he got to showcase across a multitude of different events from all styles and sounds. He is a DJ who can tear a floor up in any setting, be it a trap party, be it a techno rave, or be it a more soothing set of smooth Plug’n’B. He likes to travel through different cities, networking and playing events. Leaf maintains a deep connection to forest, water, and nature. Blessed or Based, Leaf is Leaf.


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